Now available to rent: Transparent OLED Displays

OLED Display

You would like to present your extraordinary products or exhibits at the point of sale in a very special and impressive way? Then you should become acquainted with the rental of an OLED Display for your upcoming events, such as trade fairs, exhibitions and product launches!

Discover our OLED Displays with its fascinating GhosT-OLED-Technology and you are going to be a real crowd-puller.

Transparent OLED Display for a clear vision

As from now you can draw on transparent OLED Displays of our rental range for your individual purposes.

Those are particularly in demand when attaching great importance to a high-resolution image display while you can simultaneously see the area or exhibits behind it. The transparent OLED Display does not require backlight on account of its self-illuminating pixels.

You would like to place free-floated image and graphic information with an excellent colour contrast and high image quality right in front of your exhibits? Of course it is possible and another strength of this ground-breaking technology. The OLED screens enable you to display your products and exhibits with additional, interactive and dynamic sources of information.

The intelligent staging of the model and the OLED Display and its resulting combination make it even conceivable to present your products with a 3D-look.

Let your clients cast an virtual eye over your product through the OLED Display while having the opportunity to touch it immediately in front of them at the same time.

Beside the transparent OLED Displays we also rent non-transparent Displays in different dimensions.

Main features:

  • Transparent OLED Display Rental (on LTPS-Basis)
  • high transparency with 45%
  • Full HD Resolution
  • Ultra wide viewing angle owing to the OLED-Technology
  • Ideal picture quality (Optical-Bonding between front glass & OLED-Panel)
  • high-grade, optical-interference anti-reflective front glass
  • low power consumption

The advantages of an OLED Display

A deep Black with lifelike colors, without distortion and with magnificent color contrast on the strength of the self-luminous pixel works nowadays only with an OLED Screen.

Apart from the accentuated lighting of the exhibit behind the Display, it can be specifically presented with a variety of effects and on-screen content. The Organic Light Emitting Diode Display is one of the most innovative display-solutions that exist on the market and was given the “Best of ISE”-Award in 2016.

Come and experience the latest technology with remarkable image quality and a multitude of installation possibilities.

We would be glad to advise you!