EM 2016 Public Viewing

Organizing Public Viewing for the European Championship 2016 – We are your professional technical partner!

Starting June 10th 2016, Europe’s soccer-hype begins and the thrills are about to make people cheer together. Beer is cold, sun is shining.

Are you planning on a Public Viewing Event for your company, a fan mile or a private event?

We can help you and provide the right AV-Equipment for your event.

Which equipment is the best choice for a public viewing?

Rent LCD Screens/TV for Public Viewing

LCD displays/TVs are the perfect choice for small events. You can put them on wall mounts or floor stands. If your event takes place in a club house or in a restaurant, renting a LCD screen with a diagonal of 55’’ is the best choice. Viewers up to a maximum 100 people.

Rent Projectors for EURO2016

For those having a larger event, the projector is what you need. Depending on the environment, screen size and budget you can choose between either a high-intensity lamps or the cost-efficient projectors. A projector can view an audience of 100 or higher. An indoor environment is preferable but a tent with shade or a beer garden could work.

Rent LED Video Wall for EURO2016 Public Viewing

The flexible LED technology can be used indoor and outdoor. Your audience will experience an ideal and first-class soccer feeling. The LED wall is a reliable and saves energy even over a long period of time. A LED video wall is flexible in size. A good alternative for a Outdoor Public Viewing is also renting a mobile LED Picture Wall/LED traler.  We will assist you with find the perfect size for you.

Rent Seamless Wall for EURO2016

The seamless wall is convincing with it’s high color intensity and strong luminosity in close proximity. The video wall is composed with a single LCD displays. They can be used indoor constantly for weeks.

Supplementary Event Equipment for the EC Transmission

We do not just provide screening equipment but we also provide sound and sources. Devices such as speakers, TV-Tuner, satellite dishes, audio and video mixer or TV recipient are provided by us for a complete set for watching the games.

Reliable Broadcast with Professional Equipment

Watch the European Championship 2016 with our reliable professional broadcasting event equipment. Our experts know how to perfectly connect a live streaming of the game to the screen. We provide all the broadcasting equipment for rent from our warehouse in Hamburg and Europe-wide as well. The experienced ESE-Team will deliver and install the equipment for an unforgettable soccer event.

Take advantage of our soccer-benefits: We create an attractive offer for longterm-hire. Contact us.