Conference Equipment rentals

Conference equipment hire

To hire conference equipment is easy with ESE. Our professional conference equipment is available for your exhibitions, events and congresses. The conference equipment hire connects all areas of audio, light, film/forecast, stage and interpreting systems.

Our conference equipment hire and tour guide systems rental convince our clients with their handy handling and their perfect sound in speech reproduction. Typical fields of applications of those tour guide systems are exhibitions, conferences, factory tours, museum tours, visitor tours or similar.

Conference equipment rental incl. Services

We advice you with the right choice for your conference equipment needs. ESE is specialized in conference and media equipment rentals in Europe to supply your event with everything neccesary.

If you are planning your event or conference we will support you with the equipment, advice and services. We ensure the transport of the conference equipment to your location, install the equipment and set up and dismantle it afterwards. Our qualified technicians take care of the trouble-free operation with conference equipment during the whole congress or conference.

Our team equips events in every big city: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich. And not only in Germany: Our conference equipment rental was already off to France: Cannes, Nice, Marseille, St Tropez, Monaco, Paris and even in London (UK), Italy, Switzerland or Dubai.

Just give us a call and your frame requirements so we can create a non-binding offer or get some impressions more of our success stories.


Conference Equipment to hire:

Rent Lectern

Acrylic Lectern

Acryl Rednerpult
  • additional gooseneck microphone
  • elegant design
  • Branding possible
  • Measurements: 1150 x 554 x 404 mm

Rent Table-Top microphone


  • wired or wireless possible
  • Push-to-talk or Push-to-mute Mode
  • short or long gooseneck microphone
  • with channel selector for interpretation
  • internal speaker

Rent Wireless Conference System

Beyerdynamic Quinta

Rednerpulte Acryl Rednerpult Rednerpulte mieten Tischsprechstellen Bosch DCN-DISCUSSION Konferenztechnik mieten Bosch DCN Kabelloses Konferenzsystem mieten
  • complete wireless system
  • different table-top microphones
  • Voice activation possible
  • over 20h batterie life

Rent Wireless Presenter

Perfect Cue

Funk Presenter
Perfect Cue
  • wireless cues for presentations
  • max. 75m range
  • for up to two Laptops
  • audiovisual feedback
  • with laser pointer

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Conference equipment hire with full service

For a perfect presentation during a conference, meeting or presentation high quality conference equipment is necessary. We provide you with full service and the good feeling of a trustworthy and professional partner. Our conference equipment is suitable for different environmental conditions, whether a exhibition stand or a conference room in a hotel, whether it is Germany, France or other parts of Europe. Our microphones and speakers are the best in sound quality, so the speakers voice can be heard with no limitations.

Your benefits of hiring conference equipment from ESE:

  • Exceptional sound with professional headsets and microphones
  • Secure and comfortable all-day professional headset solution
  • Wireless tour guide systems for maximum flexibility and sound quality
  • Equipment by well-known german manufacturers like Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser
  • Plug & Play – ready for play systems, fully configured

Professional equipment for your conference: what’s inside?

We are able to equip small and large events or an entire show with interpretation systems, conference- and discussion equipment, projectors, projection screens, tour guide systems and video cameras. Our conference equipment hire is the most modern and our staff has extensive experience with all kinds of conference and media equipment. With the full package comes delivery, set up, dismantle and stand-by during the event with our qualified staff.

The conference full package includes:

  • Interpretation systems or cabins
  • Tour guide systems
  • Projectors including folding screens
  • Microphones und speaker systems
  • Laptops and iPads
  • Video cameras and dome cams
  • Recording
  • Mediaserver
  • Light equipment