HMI, Hanover

Worldwide the biggest capital goods exhibition

The HMI Hanover exhibition is worldwide the biggest capital goods exhibition. The key topics of the Hanover exhibition are:

  • Industry automation and IT
  • Energy- and Economy technologies
  • Industrial supply
  • Production technologies and services
  • Research and development

Typically, there are about 6.500 exhibitors and 250.000 visitors. Every year presidents inaugurate the changing partner countries of the HMI. The partner country of the HMI 2016 are the USA, in 2015 India, in 2014 Netherlands, in 2013 Russia, in 2012 the People’s Republic of China, in 2011 France and in 2010 Italy.

Our Event Equipment in Hanover

At the HMI we were able to support exhibitors with a seamless video wall in Hanover. Many clients were so delighted by the seamless video wall that they planned even more equipment: Single LCD displays in sizes between 19 inches and 80 inches were in operation. Large LED walls with a 3mm pixel pitch were built and we offered a big variety of technology for conferences by brands like JBL, Meyer Sound, Yamaha and Sennheiser. Nevertheless the seamless video wall in Hanover is still something special.