Mapic, Cannes

Videowalls and LCD Displays at the Mapic

The fair MAPIC, which celebrated its 20th year of existence, hosted over 8400 international visitors – including 2400 retailer and 2300 project developer – and evolved to a very important industry get-together.

During three days the exhibition areas for conferences and networking events focused on City- and Shopping-Centre, Factory-Outlets, Leisure Facilities as well as Transfer areas.

We have been at the Mapic with our equipment for many years. Since 2015 we are also the official technical supplier for the AV and Media technology in Cannes! This includes also the support of the technical equipment for the exhibitions Mipim, MipTv, Mipcom and Midem.

Videowall with seamless LCD Displays

Since 2010 we offer our videowalls, media and event technology for rent at the exhibition Mapic in Cannes, France.

In 2010 we have been at the Mapic with our video walls equipped with 42 inch plasma displays by Orion. Also we supported the fair with many 23″ Screens, 58″ Plasmadisplays by Panasonic, 42″ LCD Displays, splitter, Multimedia-Computer and Laptops.

In 2011 we prepared an enormous LED videowall for the exhibition as well as a seamless LCD video wall with 46″ NEC Displays and a great number of Soundequipment for the exhibition stands.

In 2012 we supported our clients with different video wall. Among other single displays there has been a 2×2 videowall with 42 inches LCD screens, a 3×1 video wall with 46 inches NEC displays as well as a 3×3 video wall with 42 inches displays by Orion.

At the exhibition Mapic in 2013 we prepared a big amount of seamless video walls, some LCD projections, Apple iMacs, iPads and LCD displays. Further we equipped exhibition stands with Audio Equipment like Conference Speaker by JBL, Mixer and Microphones by Sennheiser and Microphone Stands.

In 2014 we built different videowalls in all sizes. From 2×2 Videowand with 42 inches LCD Screens up to a 5×5 videowall with 55 inches LCD Displays. We supported our clients with the media technology on the spot with our skilled staff and also equipped further displays with the sizes 19 inches to 80 inches. As every year we had a lot of audio and conference technology on board.

Since 2015 ESE is the official technical supplier of the fairs Mipim, Mapic, MipTV, Midem and Mipcom in Cannes!

This year we have been in Cannes, France at the exhibition for our clients with videowall created trough seamless LCD displays. We equipped exhibition stands with single LCD and Plasma Displays, offered sound and conference equipment, projectors and projection screens, computer, laptops and media control. With the care of our qualified staff for single exhibition stands and video walls our clients were able to focus on their project and hand over the technical realization and performance to us.

Implemented Equipment:

  • Videowalls equipped with seamless 46″ NEC X463UN LCD Displays
  • 42″ LCD Displays Panasonic
  • 46″ LED Displays Samsung
  • 55″ LCD Displays NEC X551S LED
  • 65″ LCD Displays NECP703
  • 70″ LCD Displays NEC P652
  • 80″ LCD Display Panasonic TH80LF50
  • Sound-Equipment
  • Laptops und Rechner
  • Phillips 32″ Touchscreen Displays