Event Equipment rentals at WEF World Economic Forum in Davos, Suisse

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a charitable foundation, which is responsible in the first place  for the annual meeting which it´s organizing. The World Economic Forum is a meeting for politicians, business experts, intellectuals and media representatives from all over the world.

Since 2011 ESE is the technical supplier for this major event concerning AV- and conference equipment as well as sound- and lighting equipment for rent.

The diversity of Video-, media- and AV equipment is a special challenge every year for the ESE team, especially under the circumstances of such an Economic Forum. ESE´s professional Show Equipment is a fixed component of the Forum since years.

LED Video walls and lighting equipment at the WEF 2017

ESE is providing numerous LED walls, lighting equipment, direction equipment, conference equipment and interpreter equipment to the WEF on a regular base.

Besides of LED walls with 2,6mm and 3,9mm pixelpitch, which ESE is providing daily for the WEF, a large amount of AV equipment is used, as well as special solutions with touchscreens, media controlling systems (watchout, Pandora´s box etc.), camera- and interpreter equipment.

The speciality is Gala events and conferences, which take place offside the the large conferences during the day and in the evening. The special challenge here is the short amount of time for the set-up and the right logistics.

If you need a video wall or conference equipment in Davos, please contact us. Our team will be at your side with all its knowledge and a large amount of equipment! If it´s concerning AV equipment, video equipment and conference equipment, ESE is your professional partner.

Renting conference equipment in Davos from ESE

You can rent Interpreter equipment and conference equipment in Davos from ESE including transport, set-up and dismantling as well as standby service.

Renting an LED wall, AV equipment or conference equipment in Davos is fast, flexible and uncomplicated thanks to ESE.

You can get our advisory for conference equipment in Davos, Europe or across the borders of Europe.

Rent conference equipment in Davos from ESE for a perfect procedure of your exhibition, conference or any other event.

Our storages in Europe allow us to react very fast and flexible to your needs. Therefor you can rent conference equipment fats and uncomplicated in Zurich, Davos and in entire Switzerland.

Implemented Equipment: