Event equipment Stuttgart

Rent technical event equipment in Stuttgart

One of the most important industrial locations in southern Germany is Stuttgart. Big brands like Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are located here and attract visitors from all over the world.
No wonder that Stuttgart is also an important location for events of all kind. With other European countries near by, Stuttgart is even more interesting as a location for conferences for a lot of companies. With the right technical equipment of course.
Thanks to our broad network, we are providing an excellent event service in Stuttgart. It does not matter whether it’s a corporate event, a conference , or a trade show. We are your technical partner for any kind of event, including event management.

Rent conference equipment in Stuttgart

An international client with a branch in Stuttgart commissioned us to supply a conference with the right technical equipment. The location was a storage depot in Stuttgart that was supposed to be supplied with a video wall, conference equipment and a stage.

After an on-site inspection, we decided on a 3,5x2m LED wall with a 2,6mm pixelpitch to guarantee a high-resolution image.

The conference should be filled with PowerPoint presentations and videos. To ensure a good sound quality for speakers and videos, we istalled an L’Acoustics system with Sennheiser microphones.

Your full-service partner for corporate events in Stuttgart

You think the possibilities for conerences and corporate events are limited right now? The opposite is the case! With the technical possibilities that we can provide for you, you can reach more clients than ever!

A video conferece or live streaming event does not only mean, that your clients recieve a picture of one speaker. With our video controlling units we can embed your website, a PowerPoint presentation or videos of all kind in your stream. Rent our high-end video streaming equipment!

Of course there is the alternative of hosting a hybrid event. If you want to reach more clients than you can invite to Stuttgart, we can provide you with a professional set up, that satisfy all of you clients. All advantages of a live streaming event paired modern technical show equipment on-site like LED walls, stage and sound systems create an unforgettable event for every one.

No matter if video conference, live streaming event, or hybrid event. We will advise you with all our expertise to find the right concept for your event.

Our service range is of course not limited to corporate events. We are also your partner for your trade show booth in Stuttgart.

Implemented equipment

  • 2,6mm LED wall, 3,5x2m
  • RGB Link videoscaler
  • Lenovo Laptop E580
  • Perfect Cue Wireless Presenter
  • L’Acoustics soundsystem
  • Yamaha TF1 Mixer
  • Sennheiser microphones
  • Apple iPad Air
  • Bütec stage elements