Media Server Rental

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Media Server Rental

ESE European Show Equipment GmbH is your professional partner for media control & media server rental.

Our qualified technicians will equip your event in any size with suitable event equipment such as video walls, projections and displays in any sizes and quantities. For creative projects, you usually need professional equipment to organize your content. A Media server will be an optimal solution for any event.

Media Server and Media Control rental

With our media server rental, we can meet any need. Our team works with the best manufacturers such as Pandoras Box Server, Ventuz Server, AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Raw Server, AV Stumpfl Wings Platinum, Barco, Encore, Analog Way, Dataton Watchout, and Panasonic. Our experience in media server hire makes us able to find the perfect solution for your needs.

We offer you systems like a video mixer, media server, presentation switch (seamless switch), router control, media control, intercom, and converter.


Rent Video Switcher

Barco/Folsom ImagePRO-II

  • 6 x Input
  • 1 x Output + Preview
  • 2560 x 1536 px resolution
  • HDMI, DVI, Display Port

Rent Multi-Display Software

Dataton Watchout

dataton watchout mieten
  • Unlimited displays
  • 3D Mapping

Rent Video Switcher

Analog Way Ascender 16

  • 12 x Seamless inputs
  • 4 x Outputs
  • up to 3840 x 2160 px resolution
  • Expandable for larger events
  • Still image memory

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Video mixer Rental

Our video and data mixer are created for supporting numerous functions and fitting every requirement for live-events, conferences and installations. Our mixer support soft-edge blending, multi-format or matrix switching.

We use the following systems for video mixer rental:

  • Barco Screen Pro Controller
  • Barco  Screen Pro II
  • Barco Encore
  • Analog Way Ascender 32

Media Server Rental

Our scalable systems reflect pictures, movies etc. on any number of screens with soft edges. You have also the opportunity to control them independently.

We use the following systems for media servers:

  • Watch out
  • AV Stumpfl Wings
  • Pandoras Box
  • Ventuz

Presentations Switcher Rental

With a seamless-switch are smooth fading between video and data signals possible. At conferences you can switch between movies and powerpoint presentations or between different input signals with no problem.

We use the following systems for presentations switcher rental:

  • Barco/Folsom ImagePRO-II
  • Analog Way Pulse 2