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Christie MicroTiles for hire – the small, bright DLP beamer

The modular design makes it possible to construct videowalls in any form. The light MicroTiles can be put free into a room because of their compact design. You only need a flat floor to create a videowall. The principe is to put together many DLP projectors next to each other and stack them. This way you can conceive an individual size of your wall.

Not only do they have the easiest way to install and set up – they even have the highest display resolution for any distance. With a resolution of 720×540 px per MicroTile and unlimited size through their modular design, is the image resolution growing with every MicroTile. Thanks to the DLP projectors colors are reflected as precise as a print medium.

The solid stand and the LED lighting make Christie MicroTiles an energy efficient digital display solution. They are bright and provide a perfect, high defined picture.

The MicroTiles have a brightness up to 800 nits per tile.

A nit is a unit for photometry. The brightness of a flat panel display is indicated with this unit. Compared to a MicroTile a LCD flat panel display reaches a brightness of 250 to 350 nits; plasma displays about 100 nits.

The Christie MicroTiles are very adaptable and reflect a perfect image in any environment. Anyone who has ever used MicroTiles is convinced by their flexibility. For a MicroTiles videowall is no stacking, framing or racking needed. The light MicroTiles are just liftet on their side warded handles and put together with just two screws.

The Christie MicroTiles convince with their scalable, interactive and intelligent displays, which can be connected in every random form and in any environment. The phenomenal fact about the MicroTiles is that they are able to stay in operation for seven years.

Technical Data


  • Display Unit: D100
  • Screens: S300 or S310
  • External Control Unit (ECU): E100

Physical details:

  • Height: 306mm
  • Length: 408mm
  • Wide: 260mm
  • Weight: 9.2kg

Display details:

  • Screen size (diagonal): 510mm
  • Native resolution per tile: 720 x 540
  • Pixelpitch: 0.567 x 0.567mm
  • LED life time (50% brightness): 65,000 hours
  • Peak temperature white: 6500K
  • Adjustable gamma: Yes
  • Color space (CIE 1931): 115%
  • Optical system: DLP® 0.55″ SVGA

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