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ESE – your professional video conferencing supplier and live streaming equipment partner.
Working with professional brands only we are providing the best solution from concept planning until installation and maintenance of all kind of video conference systems.
The newest generation of collaboration equipment and software has never been that easy to use, but it is at least necessary to have professionals to install a video conference system in hardware and software.

As a full service video conferencing equipment supplier, ESE help you plan what your year’s service schedule will look like, estimate how many techs you need, and ensure that you build positive, long-term relationships with a loyal customer base.

As a Certified Partner of all major video conferencing vendors and an independent supplier across Europe (Germany, France, Switzerland to mention some of the countries), we can offer you the very best products from: Poly ( Polycom ), Barco, Samsung, Sennheiser, Extron and others

Implementing professional HD video conferencing systems only is our main key point. With this kind of technology we ensure that your operation has a technological advantage, the best quality and will drive your business forward without any problems in the next years. Our expertise of about 15 years supplying leading-edge technology to customers within corporate, education, healthcare, banking and retail sectors, to name a few, you can also rest assured that we will always offer you expert advice based on your specific needs.

Advantages of a video conference system:

• brings people together in different places for low costs
• direct communication via video and sound and not only via sound like during a phone call
• import and streaming of computer content and presentations/files
• Increased range through a wider audience
• Possibility of recording and making the recording available for later

How does a digital online meeting work?

In a video conference, at least two or more participants are in contact via video and audio live stream connections.
The participants of the digital online meeting can be in completely different locations.
There is a video conference system at both locations, which sends the data in real time over a fast broadband network.
The video conference system consists of at least one display with speakers and a camera.

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When does it make sense to hold a digital conference?

With LIVE Streaming equipment we record your event via video conference system and provide video and audio signals directly to your viewers and listeners.
This allows people around the world to attend your event at separate locations or to watch it later when the time is right.
Video Conferencing Equipment is perfect for bringing different people, speakers, experts or colleagues scattered around the world together at low costs and spending less time for travel
Participants from different parts of the world can participate in a debate via video live stream.
Another positive side effect of LIVE Streaming is that you can increase your reach and also give people the opportunity to participate who may have already been otherwise planned.
Once the video conference has been completed, you can edit the recordings and make them available on various channels such as your website, Facebook, Google, etc.

What is needed for a successful video conference system?

• at least two participants
• a room with a broadband connection
• a video conference system at both locations

The right video conferencing system

We will discuss the selection of the video conference system with you.
As your expert, we take all possible problems into account from the beginning and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
We attach great importance to an exact agreement, what is wanted, who should participate, how many people should be added and whether interactivity in the form of votes is also desired.
Once these points have been dealt with, we ensure the right infrastructure and deliver the required video conferencing equipment. It could be video technology, sound technology and the appropriate IT technology, voting systems or even digital interpreting systems.

Benefits of LIVE Streaming

• Audience range increase
• Record and playback of LIVE event afterwards
• Save travel expenses
• Meet environmentally friendly
• Participants from different areas of the world
• Location independently meetings

Alternatives to live streaming

Complex LIVE streaming equipment is not always required.
We can provide you with the right technology for classic conference calls.
Any number of participants can dial into the conference call independently.
Meetings can be held quickly without much effort and you save a lot of time and costs and protect the environment.

Examples of the use of digital online conferences:

Cancellation of the event

Your event has to be cancelled due to unforeseeable external influences, but is already planned and all contributions and media have been completed?

No problem! We digitize the event and bring it online by streaming it LIVE or recording the various contributions and you decide later which ones should go online or not.

Partial cancellations due to flight cancellations?

Your event will take place as usual but due to flight cancellations some participants cannot come.
No problem! Drive on two tracks by holding an hybrid event.
Hold your event as usual and for guests who cannot participate, provide a LIVE streaming link or record all important speeches and later make them available online or on online platforms. Our Video Conferencing Equipment makes it possible for you.

Cancellation of a speaker

A speaker has to cancel at short notice due to problems in the company but would still like to make his contribution?
No problem! We can record the speech in advance and play it later live during the conference, or let the speaker take part in the event via LIVE Streaming equipment. Additionally we could display the footage to a big LED wall using video and audio signals.

Increasing or reaching more audience

Digital Conferences could be a very interesting and even interactive online event today. Using different digital platforms and solutions we are able to interact and even entertain your audience.
Same time you keep your sustainable corporate policy and don´t need to travel with all of the audience to one place for a meeting.
Please ask us for the best solution for your digital conference.

Hybrid LIVE Events as a further offer

Break new ground with hybrid solutions: What are LIVE Events?

LIVE events are virtual events in which participants interact with each other at different locations using an online video signal.
If you add this component to a conventional event on site, you have a hybrid LIVE event.

Hybrid LIVE events give you the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds.

The advantages are apparent:

  • Personal contact on site
  • Connect disabled people through LIVE Streaming
  • Greater range thanks to virtual participants
  • Digital recording for later use

ESE is your professional video conferencing equipment supplier. We are able to supply your conference or live event with the best video conferencing equipment and live streaming equipment. Planned and executed by professionals. For a fixed installation or rent – both is our specialization.

Systems and brands ESE is working with: Zoom, Skype, Vmix, BMD ( Blackmagic Design ), Panasonic, Brightsign, Sennheiser, Bosch, Canon, Sony, Cisco, Polycom / Poly and others).