Enchanting Hamburg: Making Magic Happen at the Harry Potter Gathering

Hamburg 2023-(c)Ulrich Schaarschmidt

Hamburg, Germany recently hosted a historic event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first German-language Harry Potter book. The gathering not only captured the essence of Harry Potter’s magical world but also made history. We made this achievement even more magical by assisting them in creating this enchanting event. Our company provided the essential event equipment that contributed to the event’s success.

Organized by Carlsen-Verlag, the publisher of Harry Potter in Germany, the event saw around 10,000 fans of all ages gather at the town hall square, with 4,453 fans embracing Harry Potter’s iconic look with capes, glasses, and lightning bolts. Notably, 1,758 of these dedicated fans were officially counted in the world record zone, as confirmed by the police. This magical event achieved the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of Harry Potters worldwide.

Moreover, the event was further graced by the presence of the renowned German actor, Rufus Beck. Known for his captivating narration of the German Harry Potter audiobooks. With over 10,000 fans participating in this unparalleled spectacle, Hamburg truly witnessed a gathering of unparalleled wizardry and wonder.

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photo credits Ulrich Schaarschmidt