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Custom Equipment for this Year-End Corporate Event

During the winter season in December, our ESE teams received a specific request to illuminate the year-end celebration of a Swiss company in Engelberg. For this special occasion, we offered a comprehensive service, including the rental of various event equipment in Switzerland, such as an LED wall, projectors, and speakers.”

To achieve this, one of our teams traveled from our major warehouse located in the city of Hamburg, Germany, to Engelberg, Switzerland, to install our audiovisual equipment within the specified timeframe, making this year-end corporate event truly unforgettable.

Description of our services for this corporate event

For this occasion, given that our teams had made a long journey to set up the equipment desired by the company for their year-end event and also to meet their request for comprehensive service, a video technician, a sound engineer, and a project manager were present to ensure the smooth running of the event, which is our priority as we always aim to satisfy our clients to the fullest.

Here are the equipments installed for this year-end festive event :

LED Walls: For this event, we had to set up three different types of installations for our LED walls. The first one was on the stage with dimensions of 6m x 3m, serving to project images and videos related to the performances on stage. The second was a corner LED wall with a mirrored floor to reflect visuals on this wall with dimensions of 2m x 2m x 2m, dedicated to event photography. Finally, the last one served as an informational panel at the entrance, displaying text; its dimensions were 0.5m x 2m and elevated by 1.20m.

Projectors: To continue illuminating this grand corporate event, we installed a large number of projectors to ensure the best possible lighting according to our client’s wishes. We had projectors dedicated to lighting the stage, others for illuminating people on stage and creating light animations, and finally, to illuminate the entrance hall.

Speakers: And finally, what is an event without sound, one thing is for sure, it’s not perfect. That’s why we also installed more than a dozen speakers with different power levels for all moments of the evening, always ensuring that the entire venue has the right volume of sound. The power of the speakers we installed ranged from 280W to 750W.

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