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Elevate Your SIGMA Event in Malta with LED Wall Rentals

Enhance your event with LED Videowall rental in Malta! Anticipating the winter season, our ESE team fulfilled two requests in November for the SIGMA event, a leading gathering in online gambling and sports betting. Celebrating its sixth consecutive year, Sigma promises an exceptional experience from November 27th to 29th at the MFCC in Malta. Explore our LED Videowall rental services for a visually stunning event in Malta!

To achieve this, one of our teams traveled from our warehouse located near the city of Cannes in France to Malta, transporting our equipment by sea. We had to anticipate the travel time for our equipment to install our audiovisual equipment on time, as we had to install giant screens and LED walls on about ten different stands, notably those of 22Bet and Enchant who allowed us to mention them and reveal the equipment they rented from us.

Description of our services for this event in Malta

For this occasion, given that our teams had made a long journey to set up the equipment desired by our various clients for their booths at SIGMA in Malta, our team stayed on-site to ensure the proper functioning of our equipment and remain available for our clients’ questions to ensure optimal satisfaction. Moreover, this allowed us to facilitate the dismantling and return of our equipment since the event takes place on the island of Malta.

Description of our equipment installed at the 22Bet and Enchant booths:

In total, we have created 10 beautiful stands for our clients at this event. Two of our stand were awarded a prize for the best booth: 22Bet and Enchant.

22Bet: We deployed high-end audiovisual equipment to create an immersive experience. A 2.6mm LED wall, measuring 2m by 3m, captivated visitors’ attention, displaying dynamic visuals with exceptional clarity. In addition, two Samsung 75-inch giant screens were strategically positioned to provide engaging information. To ensure optimal rendering, we integrated an SD600 processor and a Lenovo PC, ensuring flawless performance.

Enchant: The Enchant booth was transformed into a captivating visual universe thanks to our cutting-edge audiovisual equipment. A curved 2.6mm LED wall, measuring 4m by 2m, enveloped visitors in an immersive visual experience. The wall, supported by a Novastar TB6 Taurus, offered exceptionally sharp images, ensuring smooth playback of dynamic and captivating content.

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