Our mobile LED screen rental is the best solution. With it you can reach a lot of people in indoor and outdoor environments. Quick and fast and with different screen size.

Providing an effective solution for a successful audiovisual presentation is our main target. With unprecedented flexibility, you can broadcast your content at any outdoor event. This gives you flexibility compared to indoor led solution.

We supply our mobile LED screen hire services to large brands, sporting events, festivals, concerts.

Stand out from the crowd and show your event attendees what a good show is. Attracting attention with a led video screen is quite important and mobile LED screens are a good way to do this. High resolutions guarantee you an experience as in a front row seat.

As Event technology specialists, we offer the suitable technical equipment for the particular task. This includes our rental service for flexible LED high-end trailers and LED trucks.

In addition to the comprehensive expert advice, we take over the construction and dismantling. On request, we also take over the technical support of your event.



LED Trailer RentalLED Trailer Rental


Your best mobile LED screen rental for a digital signage solution – rent LED trailers for impressive mobility and presence. With a large LED wall surface and customizable display with plenty of space for creative content. Perfect for public viewing, sports events, roadshows, corporate outdoor events, and flexible use at changing locations. Experience every advertising campaign as a moving experience with the LED trailer.


The LED container is a fixed pillar of attention. You can rent LED containers for larger areas: between 50 m² and 93 m², for a wide variety of locations and mobile. Suitable for large sporting events, trade fairs, public viewing, or any kind of lively venue with a continuous and impressive advertising effect.

LED Container Rental
LED Sprinter rentalLED Sprinter rental


Rent the LED Sprinter for an agile mobile advertising presence. Its compact design on four wheels enables flexibility in urban environments. The rapid deployment brings targeted advertising messages directly in front of your audience – ideal for city events, promotional campaigns and mobile events.

Our Mobile LED screens available for hire

Technical Solutions for a successful event!

Rent 21sqm LED Box Trailer

21m² Cabrio Trailer

led trailer mieten

from 952,00 €*

  • 6,00 x 3,5m screen dimensions
  • 1536 x 896 px resolution
  • 16:9 format
  • 3,9mm pixel pitch
  • 5.000 nit brightness
  • 3,2t total container weight
  • 7,19 x 2,17 x 7,10m (L/W/H) total dimensions

Rent LED Cabrio Trailer

15m² Cabrio Trailer

from 893,00 €*

  • 5,00 x 2,81m screen dimensions
  • 960 x 540 px resolution
  • 16:9 format
  • 5,2mm pixel pitch
  • 5.000 nit brightness
  • 3,2t total container weight
  • 7,15 x 2,10 x 4,81m (L/W/H) total dimensions

Rent LED Trailer

15m² Trailer

led trailer mieten

from 928,00 €*

  • 5,12 x 2,88m screen dimensions
  • 768 x 432 px resolution
  • 16:9 format
  • 6,7mm pixel pitch
  • 5.000 nit brightness
  • 360° rotation
  • 3,4t total container weight
  • 6,65 x 2,70 x 5,82m (L/W/H) total dimensions

Rent LED Container

50m² Trailer

led container mieten

from 1904,00 €*

  • 9,50 x 5,25m screen dimensions
  • 1.596 x 882 px resolution
  • 16:9 format
  • 5,9mm pixel pitch
  • 5.000 nit brightness
  • 360° rotation
  • 13,2t total container weight
  • 9,5 x 4,02 x 9,89m (L/W/H) total dimensions

Mobile LED Sprinter

23m² mobile Trailer

LED Sprinter mieten

Upon request

  • 4,48 x 1,92m screen dimension on both sides
  • 1,92 x 0,96m screen dimension on front
  • 1,92 x 1,92m screen dimension on rear
  • 6,4mm pixel pitch
  • all-around playable
  • 7,1 x 2,1 x 3,2m (L/W/H) total dimensions

* Daily rate for a 7 consecutive days rental incl. VAT.

Mobile LED Trailer in Action

Different Events, one solution: Mobile LED Screen rental

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Rent your Mobile Screen for your Event

Rental outdoor LED trailers are the ideal solution to transfer your pictures and videos on one or more large outdoor screens.

It is a large mobile LED wall mounted on a trailer or truck. They are ideal for large events such as concerts, festivals, public viewings, outdoor cinemas, fairs, and sporting events.

Our technical solution includes a control room located in the respective trailer. The mobile LED screen can also be used in daylight. It has high-power LEDs and automatically adjusts to the ambient brightness.

Furthermore, our trailers with mobile LED displays are robust and defy different weather conditions.

Thanks to a compact design, our huge LED screens can be easily installed on trailers or trucks. This is in various locations according to your wishes and according to the recommendations of our technicians.

The fine adjustment mainly affects the sunlight. Our large mobile LED screen trailers are technologically leading. They benefit from a 16: 9 format and a 6-12 mm pixel pitch to ensure maximum quality for your event.

  • Cost-effective: little staff, no scaffolding, no crane, no traverses necessary
  • Speed: setup and dismantling (about 30 minutes)
  • Flexibility: Picture walls are height adjustable and can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Space: Little space thanks to compact shelves Stress-free acceptance test.

The latest technologies and our know-how guarantee ensure that you have a reliable partner by your side during your Mobile LED Screen rental.

Do you need an individual size or shape of the LED video wall? Alternative LED screen rental technology can be found in our category LED Video Wall.

The large screens have become to a must for every Festival, concert or sporting event. They help to enhance the enjoyment of the guests and lets them feel the atmosphere of a professional event.

With screens ranging from 15 to 80m² they are suitable for nearly every audience size. And with a matching PA system, the guests will have a good audiovisual experience.

We provide mobile LED screen with a standard pixel pitch of 6 to 10mm for the best outdoor impressions. Do you need a LED Screen with a better resolution? Stationary alternatives can be found in our LED Video Wall section.

Not always you can cover the part of the Trailer/Container which is necessary for the LED Screen. In that case you can easily use these parts as extra branding space either with printed banners or vinyl wrap.

We can supply you with the desired design or provide you the exact details of the parts to cover during your Mobile LED Screen rental. It’s the extra promotional platform on eye-level to attract additional visitors.

The rental of our LED trailers includes also a technical consultation. A technician specialized in audiovisual devices will advise and plan with you the installation of our mobile LED video wall solutions.

Depending on your outdoor event, we will find the right solution for your project. Together we decide whether you should rent an LED truck, an LED container or an LED trailer.

The rental of LED trailers is recommended for large outdoor events.

Concerts, festivals or public viewings are the main areas.

Its design, which combines luminosity and mobility, is mainly used outdoors.

This type of audiovisual equipment is also often used to broadcast an outdoor sporting event.

Our regional locations allow us to respond quickly to your needs.

We cover numerous fairs and conferences at important venues.

  • Northern Germany
  • Hanover
  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt
  • Dusseldorf
  • Munich
  • South of France
  • Nice
  • Lyon
  • Paris
  • Monaco
  • Beyond European borders.

As an international event rental company we can meet your requests for LED trailers of any kind quickly!

If you would like to rent additional audio / video equipment, we cordially invite you to view our product catalog.

Our offer includes a complete rental service: we take care of the planning, assembly, disassembly and maintenance at the venue. Contact us now so that we can make you an offer to rent LED tags for your event!