Mobile LED screen rental

Mobile LED screen rentals is the best solution to reach a lot of people visual in indoor and outdoor environments. We supply our LED screen hire services to large brands, sporting events, festivals, concerts as well as to hundreds of smaller events.

These are helpful for exhibitors to stand out from the crowd and organizers to lead a large crowd of people. Attracting attention to your booth is quite important and LED screens are a good way to do this. Also to help educating visitors about your products and services.

Outdoor usage of our Mobile LED Screen

The large screens have become to a must for every Festival, concert or sporting event. They help to enhance the enjoyment of the guests and lets them feel the atmosphere of a professional event.

With screens ranging from 15 to 80m² they are suitable for nearly every audience size. And with a matching PA system, the guests will have a good audiovisual experience. We provide mobile LED screen with a standard pixel pitch of 6 to 10mm for the best outdoor impressions. If a LED Screen with a better resolution is needed, a stationary alternative can be found in our LED Video Wall section.

LED Trucks, Containers and Trailers with your branding

Not always you can cover the part of the Trailer/Container which is necessary for the LED Screen. In that case you can easily use these parts as extra branding space either with printed banners or vinyl wrap. We can supply you with the desired design or provide you the exact details of the parts to cover. It’s the extra promotional platform on eye-level to attract additional visitors.

The convincing reasons for a mobile solution

  • cost-efficient: very few staff, no framework, no crane, no traverses
  • time-efficient: quick set-up and break-down (just 60 minutes)
  • flexibility: the screens can be rotated through 360°
  • space saving: minimum space requirement through compact floor space
  • building inspection: german TÜV and french socotec acceptance
  • all-in-one: no extra devices needed

Mobile LED screen for hire

Rent LED Cabrio Trailer

15m² Cabrio Trailer

  • 5,00 x 2,81m screen dimensions
  • 960 x 540 px resolution
  • 16:9 format
  • 5,2mm pixel pitch
  • 5.000 nit brightness
  • 3,2t total container weight
  • 7,15 x 2,10 x 4,81m (L/W/H) total dimensions

Rent LED Trailer

15m² Trailer

  • 5,12 x 2,88m screen dimensions
  • 768 x 432 px resolution
  • 16:9 format
  • 6,7mm pixel pitch
  • 5.000 nit brightness
  • 360° rotation
  • 3,4t total container weight
  • 6,65 x 2,70 x 5,82m (L/W/H) total dimensions

Rent LED Trailer

30m² Trailer

  • 7,36 x 4,16m screen dimensions
  • 736 x 416 px resolution
  • 16:9 format
  • 10mm pixel pitch
  • 7.500 nit brightness
  • 360° rotation
  • 10,0t total container weight
  • 7,71 x 2,95 x 9,26m (L/W/H) total dimensions

Rent LED Container

50m² Container

  • 9,50 x 5,25m screen dimensions
  • 1.596 x 882 px resolution
  • 16:9 format
  • 5,9mm pixel pitch
  • 5.000 nit brightness
  • 360° rotation
  • 13,2t total container weight
  • 9,5 x 4,02 x 9,89m (L/W/H) total dimensions


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