Touchscreen Kiosk Rental

Touchscreen Kiosk Rental for any Event

ESE European Show Equipment is a full service agency for touchscreen kiosk rentals. Hire touchscreen kiosks all over Europe. We provide you the touchscreen kiosk rental including transport, installation and dismantling.

Touchscreen kiosk rental is an optimal eye-catcher for your exhibition stand or to give your customers that extra touchable information they need. Those kiosk terminals or self service kiosks offer application programs which give you the opportunity to spread your information to anyone. We have the fitting interactive kiosk rentals for your idea. If indoor or outdoor – we provide you both kinds.

Touchscreen Kiosk Rental in Europe

Our warehouses in Hamburg, Cannes, Frankfurt and Dubai allow us to react quickly and flexibly to your needs within touch screen kiosk rental. Thus you can rent self service kiosks, interactive kiosks and touch screen kiosks at various locations like Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Paris, Nice, Monaco as well as in Northern Germany and in the South of France. Furthermore our touch screen kiosk rental is also available in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and all over Europe.

A kiosk terminal, a kiosk system or information terminal ist perfectly suitable for their operation on exhibitions, congresses or events. They have a plain, elegant and timeless design and fit in a variety of different surroundings. We offer the those touch screen kiosk terminals all over the world like Cannes, Monaco, Dubai or just some big city in Germany like Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich – there are no limits for distance.

Interactive Kiosk Terminal for hire:


from 32″ to 85″

  • 32″ to 85″ touchscreen
  • Broadcasting of all video formats
  • 1080p / Full HD resolution
  • Built-in speakers
  • Possibility of custom adhesive covering


from 22″ to 43″

  • 22″ / 32″ / 43″ touchscreen
  • Full HD
  • Indoor use
  • Operating system: Windows
  • WIFI antenna
  • Adjustable speakers
  • Customized adhesive covering is possible


from 32″ to 65″ in Portrait or Landscape mode”

  • 55″ in Portrait-Mode
  • Plays every kind of video
  • 1080p (FULL HD) resolution
  • Integrated speakers


from 32″ to 75

  • 32″ to 75″ touchscreen
  • Full HD / 4K
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Customizable
  • Possibility of customized adhesive covering

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Renting a kiosk terminal is the right choice for the service at exhibitions, congresses or any kind of events. Keyword: Digital Signage! Advertise with our equipment at the POI and POS.

Why is the POI and POS so important?

The POI (Point of Interest) is the place, where your potential customer get his first impression of your company. In the best case, he gets an fast and easy overview of every product and a feeling that nothing is hidden from him behind several layers. With this good feeling you can escort him to the next step, the POS.

The POS (Point of Sales) is the place of action. Technical details and prices have to be well sorted to help your consultant guiding to the needed product the customer wishes for.

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