Digital Signage

Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a method to show the audience digital advertising or other content with different technical solutions.

Digital Signage ranges from display systems for ads in airports to digital signposts in museums or at trade shows.

Digital Signage gives us a lot of opportunities to reach our desired customer in the best way possible. Interactions like touch screens or social media applications can help to increase a memorable advertising impact.

The use of displays in hotels or trading is Digital Signage as well. Synchronized and controlled centrally POS are a great way to present an item or service. To control all displays centrally, we use server- or media-player-based software to give you a variety of possibilities to change the content as fast and easy as possible.

For a better experience or to animate the audience to participate, you can also utilize virtual reality, touch-applications, or other interaction devices.

Digital Signage solutions can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.

On this site, we will try to give you an overview of the possibilities there are and which equipment and tools are necessary to realize your ideas with Digital Signage.

The advantages of Digital Signage

Digital Signage allows you to communicate with customers and employees in real-time and digitally in indoor and outdoor locations.

The electronic poster of the future gives you the possibility to control and place digital content precisely timed with a content management system.

Operate notifications and advertisements from afar with a networked audio-visual system which can access the content via our cloud or via one of our servers.

In that way you can show information or advertising fitted to your respective target audience.

The advantages of digital advertisement are:

    • Dynamic and interactive content
    • Visual attraction increase attention
    • Fast and easy communication
    • Simplified information chains
    • Intuitive sign postings
    • Intersection to various social media platforms
    • Saves money due to remote controlling
    • Sustainability despite more advertising space

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Where can you apply Digital Signage?

Typically Digital Signage is applied at agglomeration points such as public places. There you can show advertisements via the networked cloud system on digital posters. The possibilities are near endless, for example you can show target audience fitted ads at any time.

Though, not only public places are in the foreground, but also instore marketing or even digital room- and door labelling becomes possible.

Typical applications:

    • Digital Display in a company’s foyer 
    • Digital advertisement posters in a shopping mall or a store window
    • Digital guidance system for „way-finding“
    • Information display in hotels for information breakfast, weather, sightseeing tipps and more
    • Digital information board in schools
    • Digital display of (meeting) room occupancies in schools and hotels
    • Current information in public places
    • Intake systems and display of waiting time in waiting rooms
    • Event display in public places

Which equipment and tools are necessary for a Digital Signage System?

Digital Signage systems contain a package of multiple items that deliver a complete solution.


    • Accessories to mount all components such as wall mounts
    • Displays as digital information boards
    • Media-player or computer as content giver if needed
    • Network engineering devices to connect to the internet


    • Content Management System (CMS) for the management of content and hardware
    • Playback software installed on the media-player or computer
    • Remote software for remote maintenance


    • Creation of new content
    • Acquisition of relevant content
    • Embedding of external social media content


    • Planning and assessment of the on place conditions
    • Requirement profile of the system
    • Mounting and installation of the system

The Digital Signage package includes all four components that need to be chosen carefully to build the perfect system.

This requires a thorough and independent consultation to fnd the perfect solution for the right location.

We help you to keep the overview over almost endless possibilities to help you find the perfect solution for the perfect system.

What is the purpose of the Digital Signage system?

Together with our clients we discuss the aim of the system to determine the individual needs, so we can start the detailled planning.

Some of the most important questions are:

    • Which objects are supposed to be digitalized?
    • How many screens are supposed to be installed?
    • What is supposed to be shown on the displays?
    • Which requirements does the CMS have to meet?
    • When and by whom should the maintenance be carried out?
    • What is the budget?
    • In what time period should the project be realized?

When these questions are answered, we can create a concept and plan the proper Digital Signage system for your individual needs and requirements.