Video Mapping & Projection Mapping

Location de matériel de Vidéomapping pour l'Exposition Universelle de Dubaï ou d'Astana

What is Projection Mapping or Video Mapping?

Projection Mapping or Video Mapping is a method that allows to project special video content onto any kind of surface. The interesting part is, that the video mappings are not simply projected onto screens or flat white video screen, furthermore they are projected onto any three-dimensional objects!

With this method and using powerful projectors, different surfaces can be brought to life with amazing spatial depth that really fuels the crowd at fairs or other events – you definitely don’t want to miss such a show!

Together we can bring real buildings – no matter of what size – and real objects to life, creating immersive unforgettable events, providing exciting experiences to your audience!

Projection or Video mapping can be used for anything you can think of:

  • Advertising
  • Concerts
  • Decoration
  • Theater

Take a look at our pictures and videos and lets create and if you are impressed we can create an immersive, projection mapping installation for your event.

Content is the key

The technical implementation is an important topic, but the shown pictures leave a mark at the end! 

Before any kind of light is mapped onto the chosen surface or building, turning beautiful real into interactive displays, we need to discuss the content that will be used.

So after we have jointly determined the area to be projected, we devote ourselves without further ado to the subject of content.

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when speaking about content:

  • In which resolution do we want to show the video?
  • Which format is needed?
  • How many individual movie files need to be created? 

Together with you and your content creator we will discuss all necessary points, always having the Mapping concept + design storyboard in mind.

We will discuss each detail in order to make the Live-operating for the entire event as easy as possible.


Videomapping during Mapic in Cannes

In this video you will see a very wide projection screen. In order to present them crisp and blended with the model landscape, we have installed several high-performance projectors. To make a visual statement, warping, soft-edge and blending techniques were required and the projectors had to bee precisely aligned.

It goes without saying that this need a lot of expertise, special software and most likely lots of attention to detail. 

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Warping and Soft-edge

For areas outside the standard of 16: 9 or 16:10, several projectors are combined into one projection surface. Soft-edge is the part of the software that handles the transitions between the screens – So there is no limit in size theoretically!

In order to adapt the video content to the different surfaces, the warping procedure is used. To do this, you distort and adapt the desired content to the physical object. Essentially, projection mapping is the use of real objects as a projection screen by means of software.

Soft-edge and warping are time consuming, as this delicate work, if not done thoroughly, can easily lead to inconsistencies. Therefore, such projects are time consuming, but worthwhile when looking at the result!

Possible locations

The many possibilities are as diverse and unique as the video mapping technology itself. And this is what we love about it!

Vehicles of all kinds are ideal for a 3D projection from different angles. The mix of large and small surfaces leaves plenty of room for detailed mappings.

Also facades are ideal because of their large area to capture the views of the audience – leaving a “Wow-Effekt” long after the show has passed. Protruding stones in the masonry, window openings or gangways provide a varied canvas on which one can live artistically.

Also the floor and ceiling of a room can be used. The possibilities are manifold and therefore we gladly help with the selection of the location and the complete realization.