Interpreting and Tour Guide System Rentals

Sonorisation de conférence

Interpreting System and Tour Guide System Rental

Are you planning an international event and need to hire a professional interpreting or tour guide system?
ESE is your partner in Europe and all over the world!

We provide you with any kind of interpreting system: Stationary interpreter booths in different sizes and mobile tour guide systems for simultaneous interpretation. Even consecutive interpretation will be no difficult task for us. Solutions for events with various participants talking in different languages, even with plenty of people, is what we offer. Also guided tour through loud factories, storages or public places can be made with out tour guide system.

Let us know your task, and we will offer the perfect setup for realizing your individual conference.

Interpreter System and Tour Guide System Rental Full Service

The interpreter booth can be build in different sizes – we can offer interpreter workspace for single, double or triple needs.

Those booths comply to the up-to-date industry norm which includes ventilation, enough light for reading as well as the best soundproof to keep the event or conference quiet for participants and speakers. They are quick and easy to set up and fit in nearly every location, even if they are hard to reach.

ESE is your partner for professional interpreting system and tour guide system rental. Our team will advise you for the right kind of interpreting system for your event. Fell free to contact us any time.

Tour Guide and Interpretation Systems for rental and hire:

Rent interpreter booth

Audi pack Silent 9300

Dolmetscherkabine mieten
  • Portable booth with ventilation
  • for 2 persons
  • extendable up to 4 persons
  • very quiet
  • with carpet and light inside
  • Measurements: 1600 x 1600 x 2000 mm

Rent interpreter receiver

Bosch LBB4540 Infrared

Infrarot Empfänger mieten
  • up to 75 hours of operation
  • Tap-proof thanks to infrared
  • easy usability
  • Volume and channel controls
  • 125g weight

Rent wireless receiver

Sennheiser EK 1038/1039

Tourguide mieten
  • up to 32 channels
  • easy volume control
  • up to 8 hours of battery life
  • charging case extra
  • 200g weight

Rent tour guide system

Sennheiser EK/HDE 2020

Tourguide Anlage mieten
  • very light, only 70g weight
  • up to 8 hours of battery life
  • comes with a charging case
  • with handheld or headset microphone
  • up to 100 m distance

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Why you need to hire a Interpreter Booth

Language should’t be a barrier! It should be the opportunity to communicate with customers and clients all over the world and therefore we offer the newest technology and equipment for simultaneous interpretation.

The system is easily explained:

We take the voice of the speaker and insert it into the interpreting system. This can be any kind of microphone as a headset, tabletop or wireless handheld. The interpreters receive this voice directly and start interpreting simultaneously. Participants listen to the interpreted voice from the booth of their choice in a perfect sound quality and enjoyable loudness. Thanks to the most modern interpreter technology the size of the venue is no issue. Even for private conferences the system can be guaranteed bugproof.

A complete interpreting system for your conference includes:

  • Interpreter booth with ventilation and light
  • Different microphones for speakers and participants
  • Wireless receivers for anyone who needs

If a smaller low-priced system is needed, we can offer you a so called “whisper interpreter system” with no booth. Just let us know your demand and we will offer you the perfect solution.

Tour Guide Systems Rental

The tour guide system offers solutions for different kind of situations:

Your guests, visitors or participant can listen to one or several speakers, independently to the environment and their distance. With the wireless receivers it is possible to switch between the speakers for substantive or linguistic reasons. The participants can easily adjust the volume by their selfs with only one knob. A build-in limitation will protect them from too high volume output, no matter which kind of headphones is connected.
The wireless tour guide system is a versatile system, which can be used in small and big groups and is simply expandable. This system makes it easier to communicate with guided groups in loud environments like public places, factories or storages. Thanks to the wireless connection every participant can move freely – independent from the distance. The guide of the group can get a handheld microphone or a headset with a build-in transmitter, depending of the preference of the guide. Every device can be used with normal or rechargeable batteries for a duration of up to 8 hours. The matching charging station can be offered separately.

Renting a tour guide system is the best choice for individual purposes for any size of group for your event.