Digital Signage Germany

Brand Activation Project in Dusseldorf

This special Digital Signage Project in Dusseldorf Germany was a special experience for our client Tommy Hilfiger. As a fullservice digital signage and technical supplier we have have made the full planning and technical realisation of this project.
Dusseldorf –  a major city in western Germany, that is mainly known as a fashion- and art metropolis. With other cities near by like Cologne, Dortmund or Duisburg it is a visitor- and advertising magnet beyond the German borders.

The Königsallee is one of the most famous shopping quaters for luxury goods. Not far from there, Tommy Hilfiger wanted to raise attention with a special Brand Activation campaign.

Digital Signage is the best solution for such a promotion mission. A digital advertising space should capture the attention of by passers.

Utilize the advantages of Digital Signage

Typical fields for application of Digital Signage are:

  • Digital Advertisement
  • Digital Displays in a company’s foyer
  • Digital directory
  • Information displays in hotels
  • Intake systems and display of waiting time in waiting areas
  • and many more

The advantages of Digital Signage are manifold:

  • Content can be controlled centrally and in real-time
  • Content can be used interactively
  • Visual attractions increase attention
  • Fast communication due to simplified information chains
  • Imbedding of social media content
  • advertisement can be fitted to any target audience

To use the advantages of Digital Signage it takes meticulous planning and most recent technical equipment. Im Dusseldorf we could offer both the reach the perfect solution for our client.

A LED-cube as an eyecatcher in downtown Dusseldorf 

For the PR-campaign in the pedestrian zonne of Dusseldorf we biult an LED-cube consisting of four 3,5x2m LED walls showing synchronized content. Cemplemented with two outdoor steles for further information and a transparent igloo for photo- and prize actions.

To optimize the outdoor conditions, we had to build a platform that levelled the underground and brought the LED walls on an elevated position. To have access to the system in case of any problems, we built in a service flap.

The four outdoor LED walls with a pixelpitch of 3,9mm were connected with LED corner modules to create a seamless surface.

The Digital Signage System also included a transparent igloo, which was equipped with a classy lighting system, controlled via GrandMA Command Wing.

Two outdoor steles for further information, implemented in the software system with two Mini PCs, completed the Digital Signage System.

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Implemented equipment

  • 3,9mm LED In-/Outdoor modules
  • 3,9mm LED In-/Outdoor corner modules
  • Samsung SmartSignage LCD Outdoordisplay stele 55″ OH55D-K 55
  • Mediaserver
  • Direction equipment by AnalogWay
  • Astera Titan Tube
  • LED Sunbeam SB100 FC
  • GrandMA Command Wing